How to meet swingers online?

How to meet swingers online?

Meeting swingers online provides the opportunity to find others that you may not cross paths with typically. It allows you to cast a wider net, thus giving you more options. This is important because much of the time people in the lifestyle aren’t out… so it can be difficult to know if someone is a swinger or not. Online websites can help you find what you’re looking for.

But it can come with some difficulties. If you think you’re going to post a profile and see sexy couples fill your inbox without some effort, you’re wrong. It can sometimes feel like you’re spinning your wheels and like rejection is constant.

Here are some tips to have the best results:

  • Be Honest. No matter what you do, make sure to be the realest version of yourself that you’ve ever been. Use positive words to describe yourself. I can promise you, whatever you are… there are others looking for it. Far too often we see profiles where people claim they aren’t smokers, just to later find out in person they are. Some claiming they’re veterans in the lifestyle, when in fact they’re brand new. Or even claiming to be tall, when they’re far from it. By lying you end up wasting you and other people’s time when you finally meet in person.

  • Use Spell check. Maybe even have your friend with the english degree edit it for you. Complete sentences will go a long way. Without this, many will stop reading immediately. All forms of shorthand/txt language should be avoided.

  • Post clear photos. This is akin to being honest. You want people to see a real representation of what they’ll see when you connect in real life. Further, it’s best to use full body pics and have your face in them. Your main pic should not have your naughty bits in it. Leave a little to the imagination, at least until they click to see more.

  • Talk about who you are. The profile text is your time to share with others what you can offer. Be eloquent and attempt to show who you are and how fun you can be. Sure, it’s also the place to share what you’re looking for, but the profile shouldn’t read as being all about your needs.

  • Don’t be a jerk. You probably think this is obvious but even a day on a swinger site will prove otherwise. If you cross paths with someone that you’re not interested in, there’s no need to say something like “we’re not into hairy guys” or “we prefer people that work out.” Instead, a simple, “no thanks, we aren’t interested” is all you need. Further, don’t kink shame anyone. We’re all allowed to like what we like.
  • Being Safe is key, and sexy. If you test for STD’s every three months, say it in your profile. Assuming it’s your thing, make sure to state condoms are always used. For us, people that make these things a priority go immediately to the top of our potential fuck lists.
  • Remember that swinging isn’t all about sex. What? Does that even make sense? It does. Most people in the lifestyle are looking for other people to enhance their lives. That means friendships where they can be themselves. Sure, sex happens… but there’s more to this life than getting down and dirty.

Most of all, be yourself. This is your chance to make a first impression. Don’t be afraid to show some humor. Remember, panties fall off when she’s busy laughing. ;)


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