About Us

Chris, 40. Tech Entrepreneur.

Shannon, 44. Sexiest Woman Alive.

We are a fun, outgoing, adventurous, professional and down-to-earth couple that love to travel and meet other interesting like-minded individuals. 

It wasn't until our first date that we each found the person we knew would allow us to be our complete authentic self. The person we knew would make the journey far better than worse. We live every day, every moment, at whatever pace feels right, with a focus on loving each other for exactly what we are. The lifestyle is very much a part of that. Together we're able to explore our wildest desires while knowing our person is right there with us. 

We started Pineapple Play Date with a mission to give back to a community that has been excellent to us. New couples exploring the lifestyle are full of questions, and while resources exist, we found them to be a bit overwhelming for newbies. Our intent is to bring it to a level that's easy for everyone. Events, education, and fun are at the core of our mission.